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Are you a female entrepreneur? Or maybe a person of color? Or maybe even (gasp!) a woman of color starting her own business? If so, you need PitchFace! We will provide you with a white man you can take to every pitch meeting or venture capital coffee chat. Our staff is well-versed in rote memorization so they can present your entire pitch deck, answer questions with generic responses, and talk about the recent Stanford football game. Get your next term sheet with half the effort and double the reward!

Variety of Options

We have a wide selection of PitchFaces for you to choose from. Check out the profiles of all the white men in our catalog below. And, if you'd like to show your support for PitchFace, buy one of our new wristbands by donating below. Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man!

Higher Valuations

Women entrepreneurs and people of color experience a huge financing gap compared to their white male counterparts. Only 2.19% of venture capital funding last year went to female-founded companies. Less than 1% went to companies with black founders. Use PitchFace to get what you deserve!

Kickstart Your Business

Stop worrying about bootstrapping and focus on building your business with PitchFace. An average tech startup founded by a black woman raises less than $40K while a failed tech startup founded by a white man raises more than $1M. The math is clear, use PitchFace now.


So many PitchFaces, so little time!

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